By Popular Demand: Online LIVE Sourdough Bread Workshop

sourdough bread and crackers

So many people have asked for it and here it is: an online, interactive, sourdough bread workshop

Years ago I taught myself to make delicious sourdough bread—and didn’t bake a really good loaf for months. Drastically shorten your learning curve! The first person who took my sourdough bread class baked a wonderful loaf—on his first try. I was a bit jealous! If only I had had someone show me how to do it!

I will show you how to do it!

In this small, online and interactive class via Skype, with a maximum of 10 students, we will make our bread side-by-side and I will answer your questions as we do so. Invest in this workshop to learn a lifelong skill—baking traditional bread with only flour, water and salt.

You will need a mature sourdough starter ready to bake with. If you don’t have a starter, read my tutorial for making one here (includes a video). I also teach an online sourdough starter workshop.

sourdough starter
Left to right: new stater, maturing starter, starter ready for baking

Class Schedule

We will meet several times over the weekend. On Saturday, while we are offline during the bulk fermentation, I’ll stand by on Skype. If you need help, please call. Think of me as the sourdough whisperer.

Friday 7pm–8pm PT: Soak the flours and make the leaven

Saturday 7am–9am PT (give or take): Make the dough and begin the bulk fermentation

Saturday noon–2pm PT (give or take): Form the loaves

Sunday 7am–9am PT: Bake the loaves!

I’ve included lots of time in the schedule to answer your questions. As one student put it in my online sourdough starter class, who knew flour and water could be so complicated? Baking sourdough bread is actually quite simple—once you know how 😉 Let me show you!

After you register, I’ll send you a list of the basic tools and ingredients you’ll need to bake two loaves of bread.

Introductory price: $100

Begins: Fri, Dec 14 7pm PT (please see schedule above) [wpecpp name=”Online LIVE Sourdough Bread Workshop 12/14-12/16″ price=”100.00″]

Thank you for your support. By registering for these classes, you help me keep my website free of ads.

sourdough bread and crackers

4 Replies to “By Popular Demand: Online LIVE Sourdough Bread Workshop”

  1. Little Plastic Footprint says: Reply

    I’ve made lots of bread but never given sour dough a try so looking forward to having a go! I wish I was close enough to attend a workshop!

    1. The Zero-Waste Chef says: Reply

      It’s delicious and so fun to make. Enjoy!

  2. Hi! Is it possible to watch it still? I would love to learn but I missed this date 🙁

    1. The Zero-Waste Chef says: Reply

      Hello there. No sorry I didn’t record it. It was several hours over three days. It was a lot of fun though! What I hope to do is create an online class you turn on and off and follow at your own pace. I finally found a videographer so it could happen!
      ~ Anne Marie

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