Book Launch and Earth Month

I have several free events coming up for the launch of my book and for Earth Month. These include:

April 1, 4pm PT/7pm ET, Fermentation 101: From Cabbage to Sauerkraut, Sierra Club Earth Month Activity

We’ll make cultured sauerkraut side-by-side during this Earth Month activity, hosted by the Sierra Club. Please go here for the list of materials for the class and information on how to join (you can now watch the recording of this past event).

April 14, 12pm PT/3pm ET, Instagram Live with Food Tank

Food Tank is a non-profit media organization that provides sustainable solutions for our broken global food system. I’ll discuss the problem of food waste and my new book with Food Tank’s Carley DeMarco. You can join and ask questions through Food Tank’s Instagram page. (You can now watch the recording on Food Tank’s IGTV.)

April 16, 11am PT/2pm ET, Instagram Live with Wild Minimalist

Lily Cameron, behind the Instagram account Wild Minimalist and online shop of the same name, also has a brand new book out. We’ll chat over IG Live. You can join that through Wild Minimalist’s Instagram page. (The recording is available on Wild Minimalist’s IGTV tab.)

April 19, 8am PT, Instagram Live with Ellie Besley-Gould of The Greenish

The website The Greenish “is for people who want to be greener without losing their personality. We are a community of people sharing ideas, tips and tricks which make it easier to live your life, but greener.” We will chat about strategies for going greenish. Join through @_thegreenish on Instagram.

April 20, 5pm PT, It Doesn’t Cost the Earth: In Conversation with Rebecca Prince-Ruiz, the Founder of Plastic Free July

In 2011, Rebecca Prince-Ruiz launched what would become a worldwide movement, Plastic Free July. Last July, an estimated 326 million people participated in the campaign to reduce their single-use plastic consumption. During our conversation, Rebecca and I will discuss how we can restore our earth, why the kitchen is a great place to start and what people can do in their own kitchens. The talk will take place on Instagram Live @plasticfreejuly.

April 21, 4pm PT/7pm ET, Instagram Live with Indigo

I’m thrilled to chat with Indigo, Canada’s biggest bookseller. You can join the Instagram Live event through Indigo’s Instagram account here.

April 21, 7pm PT, Author Talk, San Mateo Country Libraries

This marks my first author talk at a library! I’ll discuss my debut book, share my journey to low-waste living and offer some motivational facts and do-it-now steps to get started. For more information and to register, please go here.

April 22, 11am PT, Instagram Live Chat with OLIO

The OLIO app allows its 3 million plus users to share not only food that might otherwise go uneaten, but now, other household items that they no longer want. Neighbors search the app, find what they need and then arrange to pick it up, all for free. This is the real sharing economy. You can join the chat on’s Instagram page.

April 22, 5pm PT, “Zero Wasty, Very Tasty Cook-Along,” City of Sunnyvale

Another use for random vegetables! We’ll make fried rice with leftover rice and this and that. Attendees will receive a list of ingredients and equipment in advance of the Zoom class. Please go here to register.

April 24, 10am to 5pm PT, Restore Our Earth Speakers Series, City of Cupertino

I’ll discuss my journey to low-waste living as part of the city’s Restore our Earth Speaker Series during the city’s Earth and Arbor Day Festivities. The speaker series will air on Facebook Live or YouTube Live. You can register for the event here.


Three-ingredient sourdough bread made with wild yeast

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