When Covid-19 surged, so did sourdough on this blog. The search terms that bring people here, the top posts and the questions are all about sourdough, all the time. So I decided I better put my most helpful sourdough posts in one place for easy reference.

Eleanor, my sourdough starter

Make a lively, bubbly starter

Before you can make the bread, you need to start a starter. My biggest piece of advice: be patient. Go here for the instructions.

Is my starter dead?

As I said, be patient. Find all the answers to your sourdough starter questions here.

Drowning in discard

Before you feed your starter, you remove most of it from its jar. These recipes help you use up that unfed discard:

The bread recipe

Don’t let all the steps intimidate you. After you’ve made it a couple of times, you won’t find it nearly as intimidating. Go here for the recipe.

The measurements for the bread recipe if you don’t have a scale

If you’re just starting out and don’t have a scale, you can still make your bread. Go here for the measurements in cups, not grams.

How to bake sourdough bread without the expensive tools

I love my Dutch oven, banneton baskets, grain mill and so on. But you can make the bread without pricey, specialty equipment. Go here for more.

Happy baking!