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In-person workshops take place in a private home in Mountain View, California. Address emailed upon registration.

Fermentation 101 Workshop: Kimchi and Kombucha

Learn a bit about everything: simple kimchi, kombucha, ginger beer…and whatever else I have brewing

Fee: $95 includes food and materials

Sat, Dec 8: 10am to 1pm 

What you’ll get

Total retail value of materials alone is $65 plus I feed and teach you!

  • Vegan snacks including kimchi, sourdough bread and fermented sodas
  • The jars (retail value $12)
  • 750 ml of kimchi (retail value $15)
  • The SCOBY (retail value $25)
  • 1000 ml kombucha (retail value $10)
  • A homemade cloth kombucha hat (fabric varies, retail value $3)

What you’ll learn

  • How to ferment food
  • Why fermentation is so safe
  • Which supplies and ingredients you need—and which you don’t
  • Your questions answered in a small class of 6 students maximum

Email for more info

Four stages of sourdough, beginning top right clockwise: bulk fermentation; leaven ready to use; formed loaf in banneton basket; baked loaf

Sourdough Bread Boot Camp

A true sourdough loaf contains only flour, salt and water, and undergoes a long ferment. People baked this way—using wild yeast present in the flour, air and on us—for six thousand years until the introduction of commercial yeast two hundred years ago. While commercial yeast does result in more consistent loaves, they provide less flavor and nutrition.

Invest half a day to learn a lifelong skill—real bread baking. I have space for only three students in this hands-on, intensive class. Expect the workshop to last up to four hours. You will need to bring a 8- or 9-inch bowl and dish towel to transport home your shaped loaf, which you will proof and bake at home.

Fee: $150 includes food and materials

Sat, Nov 17: 9am to 1pm 

Sat, Dec 1: 9am to 1pm 

What you’ll get:

    • Hands-on instruction—you will go through the various stages of sourdough bread making
    • A shaped boule of dough to take home, proof and bake
    • Written instructions to follow at home
    • Some of my mature sourdough starter, Eleanor
  • Vegan snacks including sourdough bread and other cultured foods and beverages

What you’ll learn:

    • The method, from feeding a sourdough starter to baking your loaves
    • How the dough should look, smell and taste at its various stages
    • What equipment and ingredients you need
    • Book and recipe recommendations
  • Your questions answered in a small class of 4 students maximum

Email for more info

sourdough bread and crackers
Sourdough bread and crackers made with sourdough discard

Private Workshops

Looking for an unusual, fun shindig? How about a kombucha bachelorette party? Or bring your neighbors together for a fermentation 101 class and learn the basics: ginger beer, sourdough starter and simple kimchi. Perhaps you simply need a SCOBY whisperer or someone to take care of your starters. I lead workshops in Silicon Valley and can teach you and your group in your home. Please email me for more information.


“Anne Marie represents the type of food writing I love. Whilst many food bloggers focus on aspirational cooking, often accompanied by beautiful but stylised photographs, the Zero-Waste Chef’s blog is inspirational.” — Mrs M of Mrs M’s Curiosity Cabinet

“Thank you Anne Marie for such a wonderful morning. Thanks for inviting us into your home, sharing your knowledge and wisdom, answering all our questions, sharing your tasty food, giving us those beautiful handmade Kombucha hats, and SCOBYs, and jars and giving us the flights of delicious drinks. You are an inspiration to so many! Can’t wait to see your next IG post. Take care.” Mary M., Campbell

“I was at the Sunnyvale library a little over a week-ago and attended your fermenting class there. You gave me a SCOBY and I have since made 1.5 batches of Kombucha. I flavored the first batch with some mashed up strawberries during the second ferment and was so glad you had said to put a towel over the top of it before opening…. bubbles galore! I just started the second ferment on my second batch, which has ginger, with a bit of sugar added in… I’m looking forward to making some ginger beer sometime soon.

Now to find some more “pop-top” bottles, I’ve been scouring the local thrift stores with very little luck but know more will show up if I have patience.

Thanks for teaching me how easy, fun, and tasty it can be to make things yourself!!” — Lance P.

“I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your class and it was a pleasure to meet you. I was inspired to delve even further into my healthy eating and to cut out even more plastics in my life. (I study BPA and other contaminants of the food system in my research—I definitely think you are doing the right thing with your lifestyle.) I am excitedly waiting for the kombucha to come to life! I hope to experiment with making yogurt and kefir if the kombucha is a success.” — Jennifer H., Palo Alto

“I have learned so much with taking Anne Marie’s classes. Going back to fermentation makes such a difference in my life and IN MY BODY. I always have sauerkraut in my fridge now and I love it. The kombucha class was a kick, especially with “scobie” mom. You need one of these Scobies to make the tea.  So much cheaper than what you buy in the store and so fun to make. I feel like I am going back in time and I am much healthier for it. Anne Marie is a great teacher. She has spent so much time studying and working out the perfect recipes. Now I can’t wait until we have a sourdough bread-making class. I tasted some of Anne Marie’s. Incredible!! WHAT HAVE I BEEN EATING ALL THESE YEARS?” — Uma Devi Morningstar, Mountain View

“My Kombucha grew a fabulous new mother!

How exciting! I think I might be too excited! Ha!

I just had some today, from the batch we made and it was fabulous!

I think what you’re doing and the contributions you have to give are really awesome!

I will look forward to more classes!

Thank you!” — Melissa V., Mountain View

“I learned SO MUCH from Anne Marie!

Her classes are very informative and added a whole new dimension to my healthy cooking. Moreover, I learned the importance of probiotics in digestion, weight loss, and overall health. It significantly changed my diet to include easy to prepare fermented foods. Inspired, I can now make DELICIOUS sourdough crackers, pancakes, sauerkraut, homemade dill pickles and way more.

I can make a big batch very crisp and healthy crackers in under 15 minutes, and they stay crisp for days, (except they never can last that long, they’re so delicious.) They’re thin and I top them with flax, chia, sesame and pumpkin seeds and use nutritional yeast to roll them out. “Yummmmmmmm!” Crushed slightly, they are great on salads, in/or with soups, and they’re simply irresistible munchies.

Besides, her classes are SO MUCH FUN, learning all this new stuff our grandmothers took all for granted. Go!” Carol H., Mountain View

“What a pleasure it was learning from Anne Marie Bonneau. She is knowledgeable, fun, relaxed and…very kind. There are no dumb questions!” — Sita R., Mountain View

“I am very impressed with Anne Marie’s passion for fermentation. Her knowledge is very broad and she teaches in a very personal friendly manner. Her enthusiasm and in-depth personal experiments in this field encourage the participant with confidence, even those who are not comfortable with kitchen utensils. She has shown us how to make delicious sauerkraut and beet kvaas, yoghurt, kombucha and we are eagerly awaiting her next session on sourdough starters. Anne Marie is a true teacher who shares her health improvement modalities very generously.” — Rama S., Palo Alto

“I was very excited to learn from Anne Marie. I love her passion, and it really comes through while she’s teaching. When I went to the class, she explained everything very well and was very clear. Because of Anne Marie’s positive attitude, I felt welcome to ask questions which made it easier to learn. She’s clearly very well studied and understands what she is teaching. If she doesn’t know the answer to a question, she’s quick to investigate and open to dive deeper into the content. I really enjoyed learning to make sauerkraut with Anne Marie-I went home and started right away! The class was fun and I learned everything I needed to know to feel confident doing it on my own. I’m looking forward to more!” — Lana B., Mountain View

“I attended several classes Anne Marie gave on fermentation. She not only showed us how to make our own sauerkraut but also gave us free samples to take home. We all participated in the class, be it chopping, cleaning, asking questions or just having a good time.

Anne Marie is very knowlegable about homecooking and very passionate about protecting the environment by abandoning plastic packaging and food waste and growing our food naturally.” — Daniela R., Mountain View

“Kombucha brewing….Fun class for all ages. Very informative, relaxed, and tasty! Highly recommend. We’re looking forward to more classes with Anne Marie.” — Meg W., San Carlos


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