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In early 2018, I started hosting sewing bees for people interested in making produce bags out of upcycled cloth in order to replace single-use plastic produce bags. Since then, this little project has snowballed and our group has given out thousands of reusable cloth produce bags at the farmers’ market.

On social media, many people have told me that they’ve been inspired to start their own produce bag making groups—from Seattle, to Vancouver, to Rio de Janeiro, to Israel, to Barcelona and beyond. Many others have also asked me if I know of any groups in their city. I’ve connected some of these people on social media but the following map should make that process much more efficient.

Join a group or donate fabric to a group

If you want to join a local group or donate fabric scraps or sheets to it, please search the map. If you find a pin near you, click on it for the email address of the group’s organizer. I have one pin so far—mine! We have to start somewhere.

Add a group to the map

If you have started a produce bag making group or want to start one and would like me to add your group to the map, please fill out the form below. I’ll add your email address to the map so people can contact you directly about joining. If you send me the number of bags you’ve sewn, I’ll add that to your pin on the map too.

Get Your Group Started in Three Steps

These tips will help you get your produce bag sewing bee up and running faster.

1. Find your people

If you have trouble finding people, remember that you really need only one other person to form a group. As people learn more about what you’re doing, you’ll no doubt attract more members.

Many people have joined our group who have had zero sewing experience. Inexperienced sewers can work on the ironing or cutting—very important jobs! Or they can learn how to sew. These bags are the perfect beginner project.

2. Start making

Save your group a lot of time and cut piles of bags out before you sew. This really helps speed up the line.

We make very simple produce bags without drawstrings. This also allows us to speed up the line. But you can easily add drawstrings to the simple bags below:

3. Give the bags away

It’s your group. Distribute the bags however you like. Your first bags might go to members of your group who made them, or to friends and family who would like and use them. Once everyone is fully supplied with produce bags, put the remaining bags in your giveaway stash.

We hand out our upcycled produce bags at the Sunnyvale Farmers’ Market. Thank you to the city’s Environmental Services Department for allowing us to squat in your booth 🙂

giving away upcycled cloth produce bags for plastic-free shopping at the farmers' market
People love their bags!

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  2. I have made bags to use at the bulk store, they tare the bags so you are not adding the weight of the bag to your purchase.

    For produce in the grocery store(where they don’t tare) I use mesh bags. I have made them from mesh fabric I bought
    However my favourite bag now is the mesh plastic ones that onions or garlic are sold in.

    I crochet a few rows around the top of the bag to make it bigger then make holes in the casing for a drawstring.

    I mostly give them away to friends and everyone who gets one is quite excited.

    It does take longer to do that sewing a bag, and requires a specialized skill, but I am using up my stash of crochet thread and it gives me such joy to see how well they are received

    1. Hi Marieann,
      What a great way to upcycle those onion bags. I’m not surprised your recipients love them. I wish WordPress enabled pictures on here. I’d love to see one. Thank you for sharing this idea.
      ~ Anne Marie

  3. Elizabeth Verderosa says: Reply

    I don’t see a link for a map. Please send. Thank you.

    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      Please try this link:

      About 12 more people have emailed me their cities and email addresses since I last updated the map. So there will more to come. It’s small now but I hope it grows quickly!
      ~ Anne Marie

  4. Love this idea! One of my focuses is upcycling and need to learn how to sew next. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Amazing idea!! i really like your post, Thanks for sharing.

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