My TV Debut!

Earlier this year, I was interviewed about zero-waste living on The Better Part, a show on KMVT, my city’s community television station. The show aired yesterday here in Mountain View and also in Cupertino and Los Altos. It will air again in several other towns near me over the week. But you can watch below on YouTube if you like.

At the end of the interview, my lovely hostess Grace Trafton remarked that cooking this way sounds time-consuming. I have to come up with a better response to this comment as I hear it often. Another blog post for another day…

This is not my video, so I didn’t get to choose the thumbnail 😉

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  1. Wow that is so awesome. Congrats for the interview! 🙂 You are such an inspiration.

  2. Dagmar Logie says: Reply

    You are getting more and more coverage and exposure. Wonderful!

    1. Thank you Dagmar! I was very excited to do this interview 🙂

  3. This was fun to watch. Nicely done. I guess from the outside it seems like tedious work, cooking your own food, but I’m the converted. That bit about capturing yeast from the air was interesting. if I were using a lot of wheat still, I’d try it. I’m trying to get my feet wet with fermenting but it’s a slow process. I got white, wriggly things on my first beautiful SCOBY that formed (my husband had left the jar uncovered to allow it to ‘breathe’) so I tossed it. I imported a dehydrated SCOBY since my mom was moaning about the quality of her SCOBY but that got mould atop it, as it rehydrated. I’ll probably just go back with a bit from my mom again. I want to try sauerkraut or kimchi but I’m not sure what to eat it with, if I make it. . .

    1. Thanks for watching Alisa 🙂 I’m used to questions from the converted about all of this, so after the hostess asked me about the time thing, I decided I need to come up with a better response for everyone else. (I plan on writing a post about it.) My friend also got the little white wriggly critters on her SCOBY and so tossed it. I have heard that dehydrated SCOBYs don’t work so well. I hope you can get one from your mom. Sauerkraut is the gateway ferment (and one of the easiest). I had some this morning with a couple of hardboiled pastured eggs and some sliced avocado. That was all really delicious. How about ginger beer? I just opened a bottle of it this morning to see if it was ready. OMG it was SO good! One of the many things I love about ginger beer is that you don’t need a SCOBY to get started. You make a starter yourself with ginger, sugar and water and it takes about five days to get it going. But if you make use, be sure to use organic ginger. The non-organic may be irradiated and so it’s dead (i.e., no yeast or bacteria).

      1. Thanks for the advice. Planning to get the other half of a SCOBY from my mom this weekend. Hope to get it right this time. 🙂

  4. It was wonderful. Congratulations 🙂

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