The Subject Tonight Is Love

My brother Paul passed away earlier this month at his home in North Bend, Washington. He was 57. Paul was my big brother. When I was little, he was the cool teenager—riding a moped and later a motorcycle, bringing girls over to the house, building stuff (and blowing up stuff) in his shop in the […]

The Future of the Food Movement

Sometimes checking Twitter compulsively pays off. Last Friday, while checking my feed yet again, I noticed a tweet from Michael Pollan with information on a limited number of tickets for the last Edible Education 101 lecture at UC Berkeley, organized by The Edible Schoolyard Project. Michael Pollan and Mark Bittman would discuss the future of the food […]

Biography of a Canadian Chicken

Finally, I have roped a family member into writing a guest post. My sister Michelle and her husband Glenn bought a 120-acre farm in Ontario in 2011, northeast of Toronto. They have not had the best luck with their chickens. The Chicken came into our lives almost two years ago now. Looking back, I would […]

Buying the Farm

I’ve talked about dropping out of society and living off the land since high school when my beloved physics teacher Mr. Ross took a year-long sabbatical to farm with his family. In 2011, my sister beat me to the punch and bought a 120-acre farm northeast of Toronto (although she has not dropped out of […]

Slowing Down for the Climate

Yesterday, I participated in my second Fast for the Climate. (You can read about my first fast here.) I cannot say I find fasting for a day easy, but I certainly do find it both worthwhile and transformative. I followed other fasters on Twitter yesterday, using the hashtag #fastfortheclimate, and noticed a couple of haters. […]

My First #Fastfortheclimate

Today I fasted for the climate. On the first of every month, thousands of people around the world choose not to eat in order to raise awareness of climate change and to demand our leaders take action this year. From the Fast for the Climate website: When Typhoon Haiyan had just devastated the Philippines in […]

Sharing Resources in an Intentional Community

In 2005, I moved to an intentional community. My best friend’s husband calls it a hippie commune. That’s not quite accurate, but it’s getting warm. The Fellowship for Intentional Community defines this type of community as: An inclusive term for ecovillages, cohousing communities, residential land trusts, communes, student co-ops, urban housing cooperatives, intentional living, alternative communities, cooperative living and other […]