Simple Fermented Salsa with Live Cultures

Three tomatoes and two jars of salsa on a brown wooden background. One larger jar is full. The other smaller jar is half full. The lid is off and a spoon is sitting in the jar.

Click here to jump to the recipe My younger daughter refuses to drink kombucha (referring to the SCOBY, “How can you put anything into your body that touched that!”). She won’t try sauerkraut (“What’s that smell?!”). She will eat sourdough, although somewhat reluctantly (“Why can’t we have a normal kitchen?”). But she scarfs down this. If […]

Clear-Out-the-Fridge Frittata

Click here to go straight to the recipe When we rely less on recipes and more on cooking methods, we buy fewer ingredients, waste less food and alleviate what-on-earth-will-we-eat-for-dinner-tonight stress. My kids sometimes complain we have nothing to eat (translation: we have no processed snacks) but when I look in the kitchen, I see possibilities. […]


Click here to go straight to the recipe. In 2011, I spent a week and a half on an organic farm in Dominica. For breakfast every morning, our hostess served us granola topped with fresh bananas, plantains, passion fruit or mango, flaked coconut and coconut milk, all harvested from nearby trees. I had recently read The Omnivore’s […]