Call the Midwife of Microbes

Is your sourdough starter sluggish? Your ginger beer jinxed? Your kombucha capricious?

My Inboxes are filled with questions about fermented foods. How would you like a chance to have your questions answered one-on-one? On Thursdays, I’ll take to Instagram Live at 4pm EDT with a follower to give my diagnosis and, if necessary, a prescription for their ferment in need of some ER (or perhaps merely TLC).

If you’re selected for the appointment, you’ll bring your fermented food with you for a diagnosis. This will be something you’ve prepared following a recipe from my recipe index—or have based on one of my recipes, such as preserved limes based on the lemons or fermented whole carrots based on the dill pickles. Your ferment can be at any stage—a new ginger bug, a partially fermented soda, a half-eaten jar of sauerkraut, a baked sourdough loaf and so on.

Le Parfait glass jar filled with sourdough starter
Eleanor, my sourdough starter

How the Instagram Live fermentation checkups work

  • You’ll go on Instagram Live with me on Thursday at 4pm EDT.
  • You’ll bring your fermented food or starter to show to me and the live audience and you’ll describe your problem.
  • I’ll give you a diagnosis and, if necessary, a prescription and I’ll answer your questions.

If you’re interested, please fill out the form below. But first, please make sure you’ll be available at 4pm EDT in your time zone. You can use this time zone converter to figure that out (I’m in the New York time zone).

I will go through the forms and notify the person I’ve selected for the checkup. Your ferment’s appointment will last about 30 minutes.

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