A Reorganized Recipe Index

The recipe index on this blog gets constant, steady traffic. I had originally organized the index into an alphabetical list but as I added more recipes, it became a bit unruly. I’ve reorganized the index with categories like “Ferments, beverages,” “Bread and sourdough” and “You can make that?” so you can more easily find what you’re looking for, or find something that catches your eye in a category you looked up. Some recipes appear in more than one category—they just refuse to be narrowly defined by one box 😉

I try to post lots of recipes of foods and staples we have, only in recent decades, grown accustomed to buying ready-made, processed and packaged. We can make many of these ourselves if we relearn some basic skills we had practiced for millennia and have nearly abandoned in favor of convenience and progress (and clever marketing). Or we can buy some of these staples from small independent producers in places like farmer’s markets, who make what we now refer to as “artisanal” food (i.e., real food).

I also post recipes designed to allow you to use up what you have on hand. And many of my recipes aren’t exactly recipes—they’re more like guidelines. So if you want to make a very specific dish, let’s say mushroom risotto with peas, I don’t have that on here. But you can google it and then—if you’ve read some of my posts (and if so, thank you)—figure out how to make it without producing waste. You can dramatically reduce or altogether eliminate packaging and food waste if you follow these guidelines:

  • Check what’s on hand before you shop
  • Shop with containers and cloth produce bags
  • Shop at the farmer’s market (less packaging)
  • Fill up at the bulk bins (no packaging)
  • Eat lower on the food chain (less packaging, fewer resources to produce)
  • Salvage all the scraps you can (think stock pot)
  • Compost what you can’t salvage

You can view my revised recipe index here.


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