Drawdown: A Book that Just Might Save the Planet

The bad news on the environment is as unrelenting as a California wildfire. We’re well over 400 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (scientists consider 350 ppm safe). A 2012 report from the World Bank describes the world as “barreling down a path to heat up by 4 degrees at the end […]

Slowing Down for the Climate

Yesterday, I participated in my second Fast for the Climate. (You can read about my first fast here.) I cannot say I find fasting for a day easy, but I certainly do find it both worthwhile and transformative. I followed other fasters on Twitter yesterday, using the hashtag #fastfortheclimate, and noticed a couple of haters. […]

My First #Fastfortheclimate

Today I fasted for the climate. On the first of every month, thousands of people around the world choose not to eat in order to raise awareness of climate change and to demand our leaders take action this year. From the Fast for the Climate website: When Typhoon Haiyan had just devastated the Philippines in […]