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  • Zero-Waste Menu No 4: The Use-It-Up Menu


    All of the recipes in my zero-waste menu series can be produced without generating trash—assuming you have access to farmer’s markets and bulk bins. This menu focuses on eliminating food waste in particular. It’s the use-it-all-up-now-before-it-goes-bad menu. The dishes featured here call for typical ingredients that need to be consumed quickly in order to avoid […]

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  • Zero-Waste Menu No 3

    If you have access to decent bulk bins and a good farmer’s market, with a little preparation and perhaps a substitution here and there, you can prepare almost any recipe without producing waste. Just follow the rules below. When we first went plastic free in 2011, it took at least a couple of months to […]

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  • Zero-Waste Menu No 2


    I’ve mentioned in previous posts that transitioning to my zero-waste shopping and cooking routine took many months of reprogramming and I continue to tweak and hone the drill as new challenges come up. I had always cooked but at some point, started shopping quite a bit at Trader Joe’s, basically a giant convenience store. (I’m sorry. […]

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  • Zero-Waste Menu No 1

    Zero-waste salad to go

    I remember our excitement over our first plastic-free meal (cooked by my daughter MK*): Mushroom-bean burgers Homemade burger buns Salad and veggies on the side We were thrilled. We felt a little deflated when we noticed a plastic cheese wrapper. Still. We had come a long way. However it did take two or three months […]

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  • Key Ingredients for a Zero-Waste Kitchen

    beans and lentils

    To reduce kitchen waste—and to save time and money—I improvise when I cook rather than strictly follow recipes. If you follow recipes for a different dish every night, in no time, ingredients you bought specifically for those dishes but didn’t use entirely—plus leftovers—will overrun your kitchen. You and your family can eat only so much! […]