12 Months of Seasonal Eating

Find your local farmer’s market in the US through Local Harvest.

I first took pics of my farmer’s market hauls back when I started my blog in March 2014, with the idea that I would one day create a post featuring 12 months of seasonal produce in pictures. Then I forgot…

We spoiled Northern Californians can shop year round at many farmer’s markets. Although we really have only one season—awesome (as a Canadian transplant, I should know)—the food does vary over 12 months.

In most of these pics, you’ll notice carrots, onions and celery, highlighted by rotating seasonal crops. Root vegetables and oranges in winter give way to asparagus and berries in the spring, followed by those long-awaited stone fruits, and late in the summer, melons and tomatoes precede the pumpkins and squash of the fall. Since it’s almost June, I decided to start there.

June 2015
June 2015
July 2015
July 2015
August 2015
August 2015
Sept 2015
September 2015
Oct 2015
October 2015
Nov 2015
November 2015
Dec 2015
December 2015 (still had tomatoes!)
Jan 2016
January 2016
Feb 2016
February 2016
March 2016
March 2016
April 2016
April 2016
May 2016
May 2016

My brilliant boyfriend suggested I turn these pics into a calendar. What do you think?

If you want to reduce the disposable packaging in your life, reduce your food miles and—last but not least—eat healthier, tastier food—support your local farmers. Read my post “7 Reasons to Shop at the Farmer’s Market” for more benefits.

20 Replies to “12 Months of Seasonal Eating”

  1. Om nom nom! What beauty and bounty. A seasonal food calendar? What a great idea!

    1. Thanks Nadine. I should do it!

  2. Wonderful pics! Reminds me of these fruit and vegetables sculptures.

    1. Thank you, Bernadette 🙂

  3. Beautiful pictures! How lucky you are to have a farmer’s market all year long!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. We are completely spoiled 😉
      ~ Anne Marie

  4. Maureen Pegg says: Reply

    Yes! I think those photos would make a great calendar. Interesting to see what you can get in California year-round! We have been eating seasonally and locally for several years. Sad to say, locally in our neck of the woods means food grown in Ontario. No farmers’ markets for eight months of the year, as you know. My husband commented one day in February that I have “1001 and one ways” to serve cabbage. We ate carrots, beets, mushrooms, squash, turnips, rutabaga and potatoes all winter. We had frozen peppers and tomatoes. In previous years we bought greenhouse peppers and cucumbers, but not this year, because the only ones we can get are encased in plastic. This fall I plan to freeze swiss chard and spinach and maybe some corn to vary our diet. I sure was happy when spring rolled around and we could get locally grown greens (from a farm 20 miles away) and hot house tomatoes and peppers. So delicious – doing without makes you appreciate things more. I enjoy your posts – thanks for taking the time to share.

  5. Calendar, yes!


    1. Okay, I’ll have to figure this out. Thanks 🙂

  6. A wonderful idea 🙂

  7. Love this! I think March and April are my faves here, the promise of Spring bounty!

  8. You guys are lucky to have year round local produce! In UAE, summer is so harsh that producing locally is not sustainable considering energy used to produce water (desalination).

    1. We are completely spoiled here Amruta! I think some cities here in California are considering desalination (some may already have begun). We did have rain this winter but not enough.

  9. The calendar is a great idea. I always make one for our family from pictures taken throughout the year.

    1. Such a nice idea Tracy 🙂 Thanks

  10. Great idea and pictures!

  11. I think a calendar with some of your recipes somehow incorporated would be a marketable product or added quotes, inspirations, affirmations instead of recipes…

    ditto the farmers market envy, here in MN we have shorter season and there are more plants, flowers and t-shirts than produce stalls (!?)

    I just found the Daily Gardener so I may at least start having sprouted salads during winter when my bulk lettuce supply starts to get scarce.

  12. I love this! Produce is getting a little slim at the markets up in Seattle, but I am grateful to have a year round market where I can get some heavily discounted produce this time of year!

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