A New Year’s Challenge: 30 Days of Climate Action

Goodbye to another tough year.

At the end of the year, I usually launch some sort of low-waste challenge or write a list of sustainable intentions for the new year. For 2022, I’ve done something a little different.

Tomorrow, January 1st, I’ll launch 30 Days of Climate Action, a subset of my regular newsletter that will run for the month of January. When you sign up for the challenge, you’ll receive a daily email outlining an action we can take to address the changing climate.

On social media, I’ll often hear questions like, “How do I go beyond zero waste?” or “I’m really worried about climate change but what can I do about it?” or “Can one person make a difference?” I’ve addressed these kinds of questions in the challenge. Some actions push for system change. Some actions focus on individual change. We need both. We need it all.

Not every single person will take every single action in the challenge but I’ve included what I think are doable strategies that can make the biggest impact. So you won’t receive suggestions like “Day 12: Sell your car today” or “Day 18: Move to the woods” or “Day 22: Become a hermit!” (Although some of you may find those actions appealing.) Instead, you’ll receive one thing we can do that day to make a difference. I hope you’ll join in!


Happy new year!

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Thank you to everyone who bought my book this year! I appreciate your support!

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