Three Years’ Worth of Produce Stickers


I try to buy most of our produce from the farmer’s market. But occasionally I miss a Sunday or I forget to buy something, so I end up at the grocery store. (I never forget my cloth produce bags though!) A few years ago, my older daughter MK started sticking those little annoying produce tags (never present at the farmer’s market—yet another reason to shop there!) onto sheets of 8″ by 11″ paper. We now have several pages of these.

produce stickers 1
My desktop sans laptop

Most of the sheets sit under the glass top of a desk we salvaged from the curb. (Actually, MK’s good friend called from college and said “My parents threw out my desk! Go get it!” So we did.)

produce stickers 3

Looks like a credit card validation sticker wound up on this one.

produce stickers 2

I keep a sheet of paper stuck to the side of the fridge facing the countertop, and before I wash store-bought produce, I just slap the stickers onto the page. I figure in about five years I’ll have enough pages of stickers to cover a closet or bedroom door, or maybe even a very small wall.

Anyone else have ideas for transforming trash into something decorative or useful?

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  1. OMG, total snap. I did exactly this same project, and they look just the same, about 20 years ago. Recently I threw most of them out, but they were a record I thought of agribusiness and design. I wonder if there’s a tribe of us all around the world… 🙂

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  3. Sarah Jenkins says: Reply

    That’s a really cool way of collecting them. It’s crazy how much waste such a little thing can create. Maybe someday grocers will move toward using more eco-friendly stickers like these:

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