Sourdough Bread Boot Camp

A true sourdough loaf contains only flour, salt and water, and undergoes a long ferment. People baked this way—using wild yeast present in the flour, air and on us—for six thousand years until the introduction of commercial yeast two hundred years ago. While commercial yeast does result in more consistent loaves, they provide less flavor and nutrition.

Invest half a day to learn a lifelong skill—real bread baking. I have space for only three students in this hands-on, intensive class. Expect the workshop to last up to four hours. You will need to bring a bowl and dish towel to transport home your shaped loaf, which you will proof and bake at home.

Location: Mountain View, private home address provided upon registration

Fee: $150 includes food and materials

Sat, May 5: 10am to 2pm SOLD OUT![wpecpp name=”05/05 Sourdough Bread Bootcamp” price=”150.00″]

Sat, June 9: 9am to 1pm [wpecpp name=”06/09 Sourdough Bread Bootcamp” price=”150.00″]

Sat, July 21: 9am to 1pm [wpecpp name=”07/21 Sourdough Bread Bootcamp” price=”150.00″]

What you’ll get:

  • Hands-on instruction—you will go through the many various stages of sourdough bread making
  • A shaped boule of dough to take home, proof and bake
  • Written instructions to follow at home
  • Some of my mature sourdough starter, Eleanor
  • Vegan snacks including sourdough bread and other cultured foods and beverages

What you’ll learn:

  • The method, from feeding a sourdough starter to baking your loaves
  • How the dough should look, smell and taste at various stages in its development
  • What equipment and ingredients you need
  • Book and recipe recommendations
  • Your questions answered in a small class of 3 students maximum

Email for more info or call 650-450-8205

Four stages of sourdough, beginning top right clockwise: bulk fermentation; leaven ready to use; formed loaf in banneton basket; baked loaf