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Sourdough Starter Online Workshop

All you need to start and nurture a lively sourdough starter culture is flour, water, time and a bit of knowhow. I’ll show you online how to make one and I’ll answer your questions in this small class. You’ll need the minimal ingredients and tools listed here for the class.

What you’ll learn

  • How to start a starter—and keep it alive!
  • Which tools you need—and which you don’t
  • What to do with the excess sourdough starter you’ll accumulate
  • Your questions answered in a small online class of 10 students maximum

Fee: $20

Monday, February 10th, 1pm to 2:30pm Pacific Time

Email for more info

Make your own Eleanor (my sourdough starter)!

NEW! Online LIVE Sourdough Bread Workshop

So many people have asked and here it is: an online, interactive sourdough bread class.

Years ago I taught myself to make delicious sourdough bread—and didn’t bake a really good loaf for months. Drastically shorten your learning curve! The first person who took my sourdough bread class baked a wonderful loaf—on his first try. I was a bit jealous! If only I had had someone show me how to do it.

I’ll show you how to do it!

In this small online and interactive class, with a maximum of 10 students, we will make our bread side-by-side. Invest a weekend to learn a lifelong skill—baking traditional bread with only flour, water and salt.

You will need a mature sourdough starter ready to bake with. If you don’t have a starter, read my tutorial for making one hereFind the full list of ingredients and tools that you will need here.

Class Schedule

We will meet several times over the weekend. On Saturday, while we are offline during the bulk fermentation, I’ll stand by on Skype, ready to help.

Friday 7pm–8pm PT: Soak the flours and make the leaven

Saturday 7am–9am PT (give or take): Make the dough and begin the bulk fermentation

Saturday noon–2pm PT (give or take): Form the loaves

Sunday 7am–9am PT: Bake the loaves!

I’ve included lots of time in the schedule to answer your questions. As one student put it in my online sourdough starter class, who knew flour and water could be so complicated? Baking sourdough bread is actually quite simple—once you know how 😉

Fee: $100

Begins: Fri, Dec 14 7pm PT (please see schedule above)

Email for more info

sourdough bread and crackers
Sourdough bread and crackers made with sourdough discard

Fermentation 101 Online Workshop: Sauerkraut and Kombucha

Follow along online via Skype as we make kombucha and sauerkraut together. You’ll need the basic tools and supplies you’ll find listed here—along with where to find them—to prepare your fermented food. Bring those to class—and your questions!

What you’ll learn

  • How to make kombucha and sauerkraut
  • Why fermentation is so safe
  • Which tools and ingredients you need—and which you don’t
  • Your questions answered in a small online class of 10 students maximum

Fee: $25

Email for more info