Grab Your Bonus Recipe Bundle!

Thank you to everyone who has preordered my book! I greatly appreciate your support. As a thank you, I have something for you that I have been working on for the past couple of months—a bonus bundle of six new, exclusive recipes that you won’t find in the book (I had only so much room) or on my blog. These recipes should help whet your appetite before the book release on April 13th.

How to get your bonus recipes

Whether you preorder now or you did so months ago, you can get your download through me (not through the retailer) by following these simple steps:

1. Before the April 13th book release date, email your order number to

2. Look out for an email—it will arrive shortly—which will contain the link to your download.

3. Download the bonus recipes and start cooking!

If you don’t receive the email, please add to your email contact list and then resubmit your proof of purchase. If you still encounter technical difficulties, please email and we’ll hook you up.

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The Bonus Recipes

Scrappy Sourdough Focaccia

Sourdough focaccia requires no fancy tools, no complicated shaping and no scoring of the dough. Before baking, simply sprinkle your focaccia with coarse salt, or top it with some of the scrappy vegetable and herb bits you have on hand.  

Sourdoughized Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

Oh no! More sourdough baking means more sourdough discard left over from feedings. This delicious bread combines the speed of active dry yeast with the flavor of sourdough—and makes a big dent in your discard stash.

Mary Katherine’s Guacamole

My full book includes several Mexican-inspired recipes—huevos rancheros, sourdough tortillas, refried beans, and more—that go well with this fresh guacamole that my daughter Mary Kat makes for us.

Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Quick Caramelized Onions and Sage

Made of potatoes, flour, and a bit of salt, gnocchi is pretty simple. However, to make these small potato dumplings well, you need to know a few tricks. I’ve included them in the bonus recipe bundle.

All-the-Celery and White Bean Soup

When you need two ribs of celery but must buy an entire bunch, what do you do with the rest? You make this soup. It calls for nearly an entire bunch of celery, including the leaves.

Mixed-Nut Orange Biscotti

This recipe cuts not only the plastic wrappers of individually wrapped biscotti, it also reduces food waste. It calls for whatever nuts you happen to have on hand, it uses both the zest and juice of an orange and, finally, it helps you find a use for some of the nut or seed pulp you’ve amassed from making non-dairy milk. If you don’t make nut milk, you can use a bit of whole wheat flour instead.

Rules: To receive your bonus recipes, please email you order number by 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time on April 12th. No purchase necessary. Anyone who preordered in advance of this incentive is still eligible to participate.