The Subject Tonight Is Love

My brother Paul passed away earlier this month at his home in North Bend, Washington. He was 57. Paul was my big brother. When I was little, he was the cool teenager—riding a moped and later a motorcycle, bringing girls over to the house, building stuff (and blowing up stuff) in his shop in the […]


Last year, I wrote a blog post entitled “7 Foods to Make Not Buy.” (You can read that here.) In that short list I included: Vanilla extract Bread crumbs Beans Chocolate syrup Sour cream Nut butters Booze I’d like to add another recipe to this list: hummus. If you’ve just set out on the plastic-free […]

Charlotte’s Soft Pretzels

This may sound harsh but if you want your kids to learn how to bake, don’t buy them snack foods. When we went plastic-free, I stopped buying crackers and cookies. If my kids want crackers or cookies, they make crackers or cookies. Not only have they learned baking skills, they also eat fewer snacks—sometimes the […]

How to Sprout Beans, Grains and Seeds

Sprouts are good for you. — me I tried to find a credible source to cite for the nutritional benefits of consuming sprouts. My search results listed page after page of blog posts touting the benefits of sprouts and sprouting. Although I do believe sprouting provides health benefits, I can’t cite just anyone, especially another blogger. […]