• Zero-Waste Basics
  • Meet Frank, the Zero-Waste Hamster


    My youngest daughter, who asked I use a fake name for her in this post—let’s call her C—repeatedly asked me for a hamster this summer. C: Can we get a hamster? Me: Bootsy will eat it. C: I’ll keep it in my room with the door shut. Me: Meh. C: All of a mother’s problems disappear when she […]

  • Upcycled Food Waste
  • How to Make Eggshell Calcium Powder


    My daughter MK made me some homemade toothpaste a couple of years ago that I really liked. It was very similar to this recipe but she added calcium powder to it. She bought calcium supplements and emptied the contents of the gelatin capsules into her toothpaste concoction. I have wanted to make her toothpaste recipe […]

  • Zero-Waste Basics
  • 10 Alternatives to Bottled Water and Soda

    bottled ginger beer

    If you do nothing else to reduce your waste or if you want to start on the zero-waste, plastic-free path and don’t know where to start, consider cutting store-bought bottled beverages. The gazillion plastic bottles these drinks leave behind create an environmental mess that Big Soda expects us—the consumer—to clean up for them. In addition, because […]

  • Zero-Waste Basics
  • How to Repurpose Jars

    jars in jars

    I am a crazy jar lady. (And a crazy cat lady, but this post is about jars…) I had no idea when I went plastic-free in 2011 that I would develop a jar obsession. I can’t hoard enough jars, although I won’t settle for just any jar I can get my hands on (a good […]

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  • Vodka Sauce


    We ate tomato-based dishes every night last week: pizza, chana masala and this vodka sauce with pasta. I have yet to tire of tomatoes though. I eat lots of them while they’re in season and roast and freeze a bunch to get through most of the winter. For me, part of the joy of eating […]