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  • Two Upcoming Free Webinars!


    I’m so excited to teach some more webinars. People had always asked me if they could watch them later and I had to say no. But I can now record them! And if you don’t want to participate in the webinar but simply watch it live (or later), I’ll stream these on YouTube. Tonight, I hosted […]

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  • Live Stream: Zero-Waste Cooking 101


    You’re invited! What: Zero-waste cooking 101 live stream When: Wednesday, March 30th, 7pm Pacific. (You can also later watch a recording on my sparsely populated YouTube channel.) Where: Live stream on YouTube   This Wednesday evening, I’ll discuss my zero-waste kitchen in a webinar for the University of Southern California’s chapter of the Food Recovery Network and you can watch […]

  • Zero-Waste Basics
  • My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets


    In my tiny kitchen, every item must earn its keep. I do own some gadgets that I use infrequently—such as my food mill and cherry pitter—but sure am happy to have them when I need them. This list includes items I find indispensable and use at least every week and often every day. 1. Jars, […]

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  • Interview with Zero-Waste Chef Anne Marie Bonneau

    Anuja Sawant Sarangdhar, an environmental services professional and blogger, interviewed me this past weekend, wanting to know just what zero-waste cooking entails. You can read the interview here. Thanks, Anuja!

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  • Scratch Pizza


    Jump to ricotta recipe Jump to pizza dough recipe Jump to pizza sauce recipe Jump to pizza recipe When I say scratch, I mean scratch. I made the dough, sauce and ricotta cheese for this pizza. But each component is actually incredibly easy to make. Conveniently, you can make each component in advance of the actual pizza baking […]

  • Zero-Waste Basics
  • An Oven That Saves Lives

    Moroccan food

    I love low-tech solutions. An oven made out of cardboard boxes will likely garner less attention than will a refrigerator that alerts its owner via Apple Watch of eggs on the verge of spoiling. At least, it would attract more attention here in Silicon Valley—and probably gobs of venture capital to boot. (Wouldn’t it be […]

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  • 7 Foods to Make Not Buy

    jars cropped

    I follow three simple rules in my kitchen: no packaging; nothing processed; no waste. I should add a fourth rule: no effort. I do like to cook but I also love easy. Big Food has convinced us that cooking is very difficult, best left up to professionals, time-consuming, beneath us…and on and on. I understand […]

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  • 16 Simple Tips to Clean Your Kitchen, Plastic-Free

    baskets and bar

    When we first went plastic-free, cleaning presented a big challenge. How would we wash our dishes without plastic bottles filled with dish soap (not to mention filled with microbeads)? Sponges, made of plastic, come wrapped in yet more plastic. And how would we dispose of wet, stinky garbage? We found pretty simple solutions for all of […]