Use ’em or Lose ’em Roasted Vegetables

My kids and I went away for a few days last week and when we returned, I found some vegetables I needed to use up, some more quickly than others, such as a head of Romanesco broccoli (bottom right in the pic below) and a wrinkled orange bell pepper (pictured in the middle). I decided […]

She’s So Lazy, She Blogs about Her Vinaigrette

A guy I dated briefly once told me—as he sat at my kitchen table and watched me cook dinner—that the French have a saying: “She’s so lazy, she buys her vinaigrette.” I think he made it up. Google can’t find it. Not surprisingly, the relationship didn’t work out… However, he had a point. Store-bought salad dressing […]

6 Self-Centered Reasons to Reduce Your Waste

A zero-waste lifestyle may conjure up images like the Albrecht Dürer woodcut below, The Penitent, with plenty of self-flagellation, a diet consisting of mere bread and water (when not fasting), hair shirts, medieval dregs—basically a wretched life of perpetual self-denial. When I decided to go plastic-free, I merely wanted to avoid contributing to the colossal plastic pollution problem in our oceans. I […]

5 Tips for a Zero-Waste Romantic Dinner

Holidays generate so much trash! Don’t let love blind you to an overflowing garbage bin this Valentine’s Day. 1. Plan your menu in advance Planning makes zero-waste success possible—and not just on Valentine’s Day. For example, let’s say I need sour cream for a dish. I merely have to stir a spoonful of cultured buttermilk into […]