5 Buy Nothing Day Activities

Buy Nothing Day (previously known as Black Friday) may come around just once a year but you can embrace it year round. Adbusters launched the day in the early 1990s to protest the consumer madness that kicks off in the U.S. the day after Thanksgiving. You can read more about Buy Nothing Day here. If you don’t […]

Sourdough Crackers 2.0

Click here to jump to the recipe I have been keeping my sourdough starter out on the kitchen counter and feeding it daily, rather than storing it in the fridge and feeding it only weekly. Here’s why: I wish I had taken a crumb shot of this. It’s the best loaf I’ve baked thus far. It tasted […]

Plastic Microbead-Free Toothpaste

Click here to jump to the recipe Please don’t tell my dentist… For many years (probably about a decade) too many of my teeth had hurt when I ate not just hot or cold foods, but when I drank a mere glass of water or rinsed my teeth with water after brushing them. Then last year […]

Farm to Fridge (or Freezer or Hanging Basket)

Pictures of my farmer’s market hauls on Facebook and Instagram are often my most popular posts. Regularly someone on there will ask how I prep and store my fruit and vegetables so I thought I should write a blog about it. By doing a bit of prep when I return home with my goodies, my week runs […]