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  • 5 Ideas to Toss in the Trash Instead of More Stuff

    1. Perfection Thank you to Karen from the blog Farminista’s Feast for inspiring this post. A huge amount of fruit and vegetables goes to waste simply because it fails to meet the strict cosmetic standards of grocery stores. On a post I wrote recently about ugly apples my daughter bought to make pies, Karen commented […]

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  • Kick the Can[ned Pumpkin]

    eat the whole pumpkin

    I can’t remember the last time I bought a can of food. When we went plastic-free in 2011, we ditched all canned food. Cans are lined with plastic that often contains BPA, which according to the Environmental Working Group, “is a synthetic estrogen that scientists have linked to breast cancer, reproductive damage, developmental problems, heart […]

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  • How to Eat Apples Nose to Tail

    sauteed apples

    At the farmer’s market this past Sunday, my daughter MK bought not-so pretty apples to bake pies for the meal she would prepare Monday in our community kitchen. She also suggested I write a blog post about uglies (she’s a smart one!). At $1 per pound for these cosmetically challenged apples—compared to $2.75 per pound […]

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  • Kitchen Science for Kids: Sourdough Starter Lesson Plan

    dating profile pic

    If kids are more in touch with the natural world, they will feel less inclined to destroy it as adults. While I do believe kids need to play outside in nature, they can also learn about entire ecosystems right in their kitchens, using only a handful of basic ingredients. Any of the fermented recipes I have posted […]

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  • How to Shop and a Zero-Waste Kit Giveaway

    With my daughter MK in bulk heaven, Rainbow Grocery

    I have not been compensated for this post. I simply like this product a lot. I live a short bike ride away from the Googleplex, in the heart of Silicon Valley. I ride past the silly looking self-driving cars nearly every day. I know more engineers than is healthy. In short, technology engulfs me. Yet, I […]