A Fermented Bloody Mary

I’ve had one A Tale of Two Cities kind of summer. But some good things have emerged from the worst of times: daily yoga practice, more piano playing and fermented Bloody Marys. Fermented Tomatoes In place of V8 or tomato juice, I use fermented tomatoes for this Bloody Mary. Fermented tomatoes don’t have that sauerkraut flavor […]

Ginger Beer

homemade ginger beer

I am not advocating anything illegal here. I merely want to point out that unless authorities ban ginger, sugar and water, anyone under the age of 21 or living in a dry state such as Tennessee can make alcoholic ginger beer pretty easily. Ginger beer tastes like grown up ginger-ale with a spicy kick that burns the […]

Kombucha FAQs

In 2014, I discovered that I absolutely love teaching fermentation (who knew?). My kombucha students have lots of questions during and after class so I thought I better write up an FAQ page. I’ll add more to this as more questions arise. If you have one that I haven’t addressed here, please ask away in […]

Compost for the Lazy: Throw It on the Ground

Compost can save the world! It sucks carbon dioxide out of the air and not only that, a half-inch layer of this black gold can still increase yields six years after its application. I had been composting in our community bins for nearly 10 years but decided to start a rogue pile in my yard several months ago. […]