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  • Amnesia of Things Past

    various light green bottles

    Yesterday, I attended an antique fair in Moss Landing, just north of Monterey. I bought the two honeycomb shaped ice-cube trays pictured below. Not only do these ice-cube trays replace icky plastic, they evoke childhood memories.

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  • The Secondary Fermentation: Hippie Jargon for “Put Kombucha in a Bottle”

    booch on the wall

    Click here to jump to the recipes During my fermentation workshops, I give students samples of my various kombucha flavors before I put them to work. They always ask for the recipes so I thought I better get to it and post a bunch. Before you can flavor kombucha, you must first brew a batch and wait […]

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  • How to Ferment Money

    money prepped

    This past week, I was pretty excited when I spied the first flower on my cucumbers and a little bud behind it. Unfortunately, I haven’t noticed any bees. According to a new report co-authored by researchers at Stanford, Princeton and Berkeley, Earth has entered its sixth period of mass extinction. Within just three generations, pollination […]

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  • Fermented Salsa

    packed jars

    Click here to jump to the recipe My younger daughter refuses to drink kombucha (referring to the SCOBY, “How can you put anything into your body that touched that!”). She won’t try sauerkraut (“What’s that smell?!”). She will eat sourdough, although somewhat reluctantly (“Why can’t we have a normal kitchen?”). But she scarfs down this. If […]

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  • Zero-Waste Menu No 2


    I’ve mentioned in previous posts that transitioning to my zero-waste shopping and cooking routine took many months of reprogramming and I continue to tweak and hone the drill as new challenges come up. I had always cooked but at some point, started shopping quite a bit at Trader Joe’s, basically a giant convenience store. (I’m sorry. […]

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  • Captain Charles Moore’s 10th Voyage to the North Pacific Gyre

    North Pacific Gyre samples

    Last Tuesday in Berkeley, Clean Water Action hosted an eye-opening event that featured Captain Charles Moore discussing his most recent voyage to the North Pacific Gyre, the largest of the five plastic-trash-swirling vortexes in our oceans. After his talk, a panel comprised of Beth Terry from the blog My Plastic Free Life, Stiv Wilson from […]