My Transition to Full On Hippie Is Complete: Solar-Baked Kale Chips

Updated 06/19/17 I loved my Easy-Bake Oven as a little girl. Every fall when the Sears Christmas Wish Book arrived, I pored over the pages featuring the small boxes of cake mixes and circled the flavors I hoped to find under the tree. Today I shudder to think of the ingredients those little packets contained. But as […]

Lentil Dal

Updated 11/23/17 I love Indian food and cook dal once a week or so. This delicious, satisfying and aromatic dish contains dry split peas or lentils, onions, tomatoes and spices. Even my picky daughter eats it. Like kitchen sink soup, frittata and vegetable fritters, you can improvise with dal, adding a bit of this and a […]

A Great Read: The Good Gut

microbiota noun     mi-cro-bi-o-ta     \-bī-ˈōt-ə\ : a microbial community microbiome noun     mi-cro-bi-ome     \-bī-ˈōm\ : all the microbial genes in a microbiota I first read about the Sonnenburgs—a husband and wife team of Stanford PhDs studying the gut microbiota—in an article Michael Pollan wrote for the New York Times a couple of years ago. […]

Schedule of FREE July and August Webinars

Thank you once again to everyone who has attended my free webinars. I have really enjoyed teaching these classes and “meeting” you all online. I have scheduled six more webinars, three in July and three in August. To register, please choose one or more from the list below and fill out the comment form at the bottom, […]

In My Local News: Waste Not, Want Not

My local papers, the Palo Alto Weekly and the Mountain View Voice, featured a story about my zero-waste kitchen this past weekend in print and online. I didn’t realize I would be on the cover of the weekend section of the Voice. What a nice surprise! If you would like to read the article, click […]

Thumb Your Nose at Big Soda: Naturally Carbonated Lemonade

Click here to jump to the recipe This past Monday, summer arrived here in Silicon Valley. I could hear kids splashing in the pool outside. The ice cream truck, which, oddly, plays “Little Brown Jug,” resumed trolling the neighborhood. And with school about to end, parents went into panic mode. But something else tipped me off that summer […]

Ginger Bug

Click here to jump to the recipe I have posted pics of my ginger bug on Instagram a couple of times but without directions. When people then ask how to actually make the ginger bug, they probably want more guidance than “mix some ginger, sugar and water together and add more daily for about five days.” […]

Vegetable Fritters

Click here to jump to the recipe I’m not sure what to call these. Fritters? Savory pancakes? Kitchen sink doughnuts? Whatever they are, they make a nice side dish for dinner or a tasty breakfast of leftovers the next morning. Their portability also makes them good for packing in lunches. Lately I’ve tried to come up with […]