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  • The Future of the Food Movement

    Sometimes checking Twitter compulsively pays off. Last Friday, while checking my feed yet again, I noticed a tweet from Michael Pollan with information on a limited number of tickets for the last Edible Education 101 lecture at UC Berkeley, organized by The Edible Schoolyard Project. Michael Pollan and Mark Bittman would discuss the future of the food […]

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  • A Tour of My Tiny Kitchen

    baking supplies

    Last week, a reader left this suggestion in the comments: “I would love it if you could do a tour of your kitchen in a future blog post. I would love to see which tools you find most useful and an annotated photograph of your store shelves and fridge/freezer would be much appreciated!” Thank you […]

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  • 8 Tactics to Reduce Food Waste at Home

    On Monday, April 20th at 9pm ET, I’ll be a panelist for a #NoFoodWasted Twitter party hosted by Green is Universal. So I thought I better write up some of my best food-waste-busting ideas in preparation.

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  • New Schedule of Free Webinars and In-Person Workshops

    Thank you to everyone who has attended one of my free webinars or in-person workshops. They have been so much fun for me to teach and I hope my attendees have enjoyed them as well. Below is my new schedule for May and June. Webinars: Google Hangout To register for the webinars, please choose one or more […]

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  • Letter from California (Part II)

    Dear Reader, In my last letter, I wrote about the water conservation measures I have taken at home as the mega-drought here in California rages on with no end in sight. Although I am happy to have incorporated these practices into my daily life—I find them easy enough to do—ordinary citizens like myself do not consume the […]

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  • Letter from California (Part I)

    My bougainvillea drinks mostly gray water

    Dear Reader, As you likely know, we’re experiencing an epic drought here in California, the worst in the state’s history. Last week’s snowpack measurements came in at 80 percent below last year’s record low peak snowpack measurements. But as I look around, life continues as normal—unbearable traffic; talk at my café of startups, seed funds […]

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  • 5 Tips for a Zero-Waste Breakup

    1. If  you crave chocolate. In your distress, resist the urge to reach for a Snickers or Hershey Bar. These are packaged in plastic, filled with nasty ingredients and you know you deserve better. Don’t settle. Go to a candy store or hit the bulk aisles where you can buy some quality zero-waste chocolate, or treat […]