5 Zero-Waste Baby Steps

Someone recently wrote on my Facebook page that going zero-waste requires a home, a garden and an outdoor compost bin. While I do agree all of this certainly helps, I also believe everyone can reduce their waste. Perhaps reading about zero-wasters induces feelings of paralysis for some. “OMG, she raises backyard geese, makes her kids sidewalk chalk […]

7 Reasons to Shop at the Farmer’s Market

Find your local farmer’s market through Local Harvest. I’m a huge proponent of shopping at the farmer’s market. Here’s why: 1. The FDA just approved GMO apples and potatoes Silly Mother Nature. She designed apples that turn brown or bruise and potatoes that develop spots—food that rots. Thank goodness agribusiness has come to the rescue. (No hubris […]

Clean Your Home with Trash

Click here to go straight to the recipe This winter, I hoarded orange peels compulsively. I found so many uses for them: chai tea, candied citrus peels, frozen zest, fire starters too apparently although I didn’t have much luck with those—or perhaps I did seeing as I didn’t burn down my kitchen. I also used some […]

7 Big Food Marketing Gimmicks

I’m surprised no store employee or manager escorted me from the supermarket premises today. Looking for food to snap pictures of for this post, I kind of went a bit crazy once I started. I found so much material! If aspects such as added sugar, overpackaging and dead food lacking nutrients don’t turn you off of processed food, […]

Zero-Waste Menu No 1

I remember our excitement over our first plastic-free meal (cooked by my daughter MK*): Mushroom-bean burgers Homemade burger buns Salad and veggies on the side We were thrilled. We felt a little deflated when we noticed a plastic cheese wrapper. Still. We had come a long way. However it did take two or three months […]

Key Ingredients for a Zero-Waste Kitchen

To reduce kitchen waste—and to save time and money—I improvise when I cook rather than strictly follow recipes. If you follow recipes for a different dish every night, in no time, ingredients you bought specifically for those dishes but didn’t use entirely—plus leftovers—will overrun your kitchen. You and your family can eat only so much! […]

7 Tactics to Counter Zero-Waste Sabotage in Your Home

stovetop popcorn

“Hey kids! Guess what? I’m never buying ice cream or chocolate bars or cookies or chips or cereal again! And look at these nifty stainless steel containers for your school lunches of homemade sourdough bread and hummus with carrot sticks. Your friends will think you’re SO COOL! By the way, I need your old t-shirts to make “the family […]

How to Make a Sourdough Starter (in Stick Drawings)

I taught a sourdough starter workshop last month and I really could have used some graphics to outline the process. Creating a starter from scratch may sound complicated (you can read my post here) but involves only a handful of steps and your patience. For my upcoming free sourdough starter webinar, I put together the following […]