Fermented Hot Peppers

Updated 01/18/18 Click here to go straight to the recipe I grabbed a handful of hot peppers at the farmer’s market a couple of months ago to ferment. It was so easy! Every time I try a new ferment, I find myself saying that. I’m convinced that anyone attempting to simplify their life will eventually […]

Biography of a Canadian Chicken

Finally, I have roped a family member into writing a guest post. My sister Michelle and her husband Glenn bought a 120-acre farm in Ontario in 2011, northeast of Toronto. They have not had the best luck with their chickens. The Chicken came into our lives almost two years ago now. Looking back, I would […]

Buying the Farm

I’ve talked about dropping out of society and living off the land since high school when my beloved physics teacher Mr. Ross took a year-long sabbatical to farm with his family. In 2011, my sister beat me to the punch and bought a 120-acre farm northeast of Toronto (although she has not dropped out of […]

5 Tips for Throwing a Zero-Waste Party

This past Saturday, I served tea and baked goodies at my friend Todd’s piano recital. With the holidays coming up, I thought I would share the simple things I did to reach (practically) zero-waste while plying a crowd with treats. 1. Plan ahead Although I don’t need to worry much about food waste when I bake […]

Flourless Chocolate Coconut Cake

Click here to go straight to the recipe This Saturday, I will provide tea and treats at my friend Todd’s piano recital during a short intermission between classical and jazz sets. Because I want to make this a zero-waste event, I’ll hand out each goodie on a homemade reusable napkin. That means everything I bake […]

Slowing Down for the Climate

Yesterday, I participated in my second Fast for the Climate. (You can read about my first fast here.) I cannot say I find fasting for a day easy, but I certainly do find it both worthwhile and transformative. I followed other fasters on Twitter yesterday, using the hashtag #fastfortheclimate, and noticed a couple of haters. […]