• Fermentation
  • 5 Reasons to Ferment Food

    food preservation helps prevent food waste

    I find fermentation fascinating. I’m pretty much obsessed with it and wish I had discovered it earlier in my adult life (better late than never). I can’t really be too hard on myself though. In just a few generations, we’ve lost (most of) our food-growing and food-preparing skills. Fortunately slow, local, organic, real food has gained […]

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  • My First Attempt at Homemade Hooch: Mead

    day 4 foam

    Click here to go to the recipe “It looks terrifying.” That’s what my friend Amy said when I opened my jar of homemade mead and poured her a cup to try. Mead is honey wine. Aristotle speaks of it. Beowulf drank it. Shakespeare mentions it. The simple recipe likely explains mead’s persistence throughout the ages. In a nutshell, […]

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  • DIY Ricotta Cheese

    chilled ricotta

    Click here to go straight to the recipe. You may never buy ricotta cheese again after you taste this. Dense, creamy and delicious homemade ricotta surpasses any store-bought brand I’ve ever tried, and requires only two ingredients and about twenty minutes of actual cooking time. I use high quality ingredients to make ricotta—Straus organic milk […]

  • Zero-Waste Basics
  • 5 Ways Reducing Waste Can Reduce Your Waistline

    2015-01-11 shopping

    If you have tried to lose weight to no avail, you may want to cut down on your waste rather than counting your calories. 1. To quote my friends at Plastic Free Tuesday, plastic makes you fat. Many plastics contains BPA, a synthetic estrogen. According to Dr. Robert Lustig, the UCSF pediatric endocrinologist made famous by his […]

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  • Aioli

    aioli process first four

    Click here to go straight to the recipe I took my older daughter MK back to university in Canada last week, where we saw my mum and sister. Michelle had made aioli and gave us a jar. We loved it! An emulsion of olive oil and egg yolks, aioli has the consistency of homemade mayonnaise, but […]

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  • DIY Vanilla

    Click here to go straight to the recipe. I now pronounce my vanilla cured. Had I started blogging sooner, I would have learned just how easy curing vanilla is. I first read about it on the blog Happiness in Jars. When I posted a couple of things in social media about my wonderful discovery, people […]