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  • DIY Deodorant

    dap o deodorant

    Unlike my other recipes, you don’t actually eat this one. But because I make my deodorant (mostly) out of food ingredients and several people have asked me how I do it, I thought I would go ahead and post the recipe on this food blog. This stuff works. When I first decided to attempt to live plastic free, […]

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  • Chocolate Syrup

    Click here to jump to the recipe The first time my daughter brought home bulk cocoa, I was ecstatic (as I’ve written before, I probably need to get out more). She had been visiting a friend in Wisconsin and found it at a bulk store there. Since then, the Whole Foods down the street from […]

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  • Granola

    combine ingredients

    Click here to go straight to the recipe. In 2011, I spent a week and a half on an organic farm in Dominica. For breakfast every morning, our hostess served us granola topped with fresh bananas, plantains, passion fruit or mango, flaked coconut and coconut milk, all harvested from nearby trees. I had recently read The Omnivore’s […]

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  • Sourdough Waffles

    first waffle

    Click here to go straight to the recipe. I love baking with sourdough starter. Actually, I’m obsessed with my starter. When my boyfriend asks how my day went, I often include an update on my starter: “Eleanor smells fruity” or “Eleanor didn’t rise as much as I had hoped” or “I fed Eleanor rye flour today.” […]

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  • Repurposed-Cloth Produce and Bulk Bags

    bag in action

    Jump to the bottom of this post for info on snagging some free bags I made from new cloth. In my quest to eliminate kitchen waste, my most successful strategies have been: Using cloth produce and bulk bags or containers for shopping Shopping at the farmer’s market Shopping at the bulk bins These three tips […]