Test Drive of a Solar Food Dryer

I attended a totally awesome solar cooker festival the weekend before last in Sacramento. Building a solar cooker now tops my to-do list, but I haven’t had a chance to even look at plans, much less build one. However, I did discover that we have a solar cooker and a solar food dryer here at the […]

Not My Mother’s Blog

This is my daughter’s new blog 🙂 She had started the blog The Plastic-Free Chef when she was 16, but wanted to write something different, so I took over (stole?) that idea and she launched this new blog yesterday. MK cleaned our filthy bathroom sink yesterday with her homemade cleanser so I can attest to its effectiveness. […]

Solar Cooking Festival

“If you can see your shadow, you can cook.” Pass this litmus test and a solar oven can make your dinner, according to one of the solar chefs who demonstrated this past weekend at the Sacramento Solar Cooking Festival, hosted by the nonprofit Solar Cookers International. He was one of about twenty-five impressive solar chefs demonstrating their […]

Fermented Watermelon Rind Pickles

Click here to go straight to the recipe. Why have I never made these until now? Crunchy, sour, fermented watermelon rind pickles: Are easy to make Taste delicious Contain good microbes, which improve your health Cost basically nothing (you bought the melon for the fruit after all) Reduce waste I feel like a character in […]

Sourdough Crackers

Click here to go straight to the recipe I had hoped to write a blog about sourdough starter for my first post. And then my second. Then my third. (This is post twenty-six.) You can probably find entire books devoted to starter alone. There’s so much to know and food scientists today still make discoveries about […]


I finally did it! I made ketchup from fresh tomatoes! I had wanted to try this last year, but didn’t get around to it, so I’ve had to wait until tomatoes reappeared at the farmer’s market this summer. I can live without ketchup, but my kids like it, especially 13-year old Charlotte. She doesn’t want […]