Beet Kvass

Updated 10/02/17 I can’t remember which company, touting its latest chemical- and sugar-laden beverage, described water as a “yawn in a glass,” but that irresponsible yet effective marketing message stuck with me. You have to admire Big Food’s audacity and creativity. Well, maybe not admire. Acknowledge? (I just watched Fed Up last night, so I may sound […]

Bulk Shopping Haul 06.22.14

Today I went zero-waste shopping at bulk heaven—Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco. If you’ve never tried it, zero-waste shopping may sound like an intimidating prospect. But if you live near a store with a good bulk section, really, you need only get organized and bring along some zero-waste shopping gear.

DIY Dish Soap

Click here to go straight to the recipe. If you run a zero-waste or plastic-free kitchen, I can safely assume that you cook and that you generate the sinks full of dirty dishes to prove it. But if you don’t want to buy plastic bottles—and I’ve never seen dish soap in anything but—how can you […]

Bone Broth

Click here to go straight to the recipe. I used to buy broth. I would use half a container, put the rest in the fridge and a couple of weeks later, empty the remains down the drain. The packaging waste is also excessive, as the photo from Safeway below shows. (If I keep taking pictures of processed “food” at […]

Bread (Crumb) Labor

Click here to go straight to the recipe. I began baking bread after my daughter MK was born in 1994. You may think I’ve been merely nourishing my children—or perhaps poisoning them depending on your bread stance—but I like to think of myself as a revolutionary in the kitchen. The concept of bread labor played a key […]

Sharing Resources in an Intentional Community

In 2005, I moved to an intentional community. My best friend’s husband calls it a hippie commune. That’s not quite accurate, but it’s getting warm. The Fellowship for Intentional Community defines this type of community as: An inclusive term for ecovillages, cohousing communities, residential land trusts, communes, student co-ops, urban housing cooperatives, intentional living, alternative communities, cooperative living and other […]

No-Cook Rice Milk

Click here to go straight to the recipe. Some brands of rice milk contain microscopic bits of metal. I had been planning on writing a post on homemade rice milk at some point, but after reading an article last week in Mother Jones about this latest non-food food additive, I decided I better whip up […]

I Eat Food Unfit for Human Consumption

I live in Silicon Valley, high-tech central. Almost everyone I know is an engineer, married to an engineer or divorced from an engineer. I see more Teslas here than minivans. When the tech-heavy NASDAQ has a really, really bad day, stores like Fry’s Electronics (geek central where you buy parts to build your own computer) have […]