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    2014-03-23 13.41.25 chopped cabbage with salt

    I have made jam in the past. It was delicious but a lot of work. I had to pick the plums from my tree (and pick up the hundreds that had fallen on the grass), wash them, cut them, peel them, chop them, cook them with lots of sugar and then finally can the jam […]

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  • Farmer’s Market Haul 03/23/14

    2014-03-23 10.08.20 farmers market

    Traditionally, people have attended church on Sunday mornings. Palo Altans, however, shop at the California Street farmer’s market (which can also be a spiritual experience). I try to shop at the market every week. I can’t grow my food at the moment (I have no sun in my yard), so I depend on the farmer’s market […]